Thursday, 8 November 2012

homemade christmas gifts don't have to be twee...!

so, i have been thinking about christmas presents already as im in a very different financial situation this year. i cant simply turn up at selfridges on christmas eve and throw a wad of cash at the situation. i need to be a little more creative, clever, and that hated word...FRUGAL. grrrrrr.
sister first. so, after tailing her through topshop to see what she was currently lusting after i picked up on 2 trends that are ticking all her boxes. denim and studs.
a little bit of a rummage through my vast wardrobe and a root around the internet uncovered these little gems of inspiration...

ritas rockin' a stud or 2!

balenciaga again
so, having unearthed a denim jacket from the depths of my closet i laundered it. while it was drying i sifted through my filing cabinet of wonder and collected studs of various sizes and shapes (bought previously from its an american site so the delivery time is quite long but its far cheaper than any UK based sites that i have found.)

and to work i went....

blank canvas

the first 3 lines

its taking shape
adding balance
safety pins

im thrilled with the result although my finger tips are KILLING me! i really like it. i was going to bleach out some areas of the denim as well as i really like that effect (see the balenciaga jacket above) but im not sure if that would be to my sisters taste. also, thats something that should have done before i started studding like a whirling dervish. im really tempted to do one of these for jacket for what probably cost me £4!

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