Thursday, 22 November 2012

cute birthday gift for him

so, my 'him' lives in a different city to me at the moment. hopefully temporarily, but even temporarily is enough. our relationship now consists of near constant emails and texts as well as the normal phone calls. we email each other pictures, what we're eating, nice views, my nail varnish (especially if i know he'll hate it...anything glitery he loathes!) the dogs...basically everything so we get an insight into each others lives on a daily basis. theres also the opportunity to be funny, and theres nothing quite like opening an email and laughing out loud at a silly picture. because i know that that was his intention. to make me smile from miles away. i know he's thinking of me and that makes me smile even more.
anyway. its his birthday soon, and, as with everything else at the moment im trying to be more creative rather than just buying something expensive. i also cant afford to do that anymore. so heres what i came up with.
he needs a new wallet - thats easy.
but how to make it special?
do you remember when passport photo booths used to give you 4 different pictures? and you got them in a strip? and you and your boyfriend used to squeeze into a booth and have cute pictures done? me too.
except they dont exist anymore. you get 1 picture, in colour and its massively expensive.
so i made my own version to slip into his new wallet. i wanted to keep things light hearted and to look, in the pictures like i normally look. also known as. not too staged. no airbrushing. normal hair and makeup.and some silly faces.

 once i had taken all the photos i needed, i turned then into black and white images in paintshop pro and adjusted the sizes. then after placing them into a strip and printing them onto photography paper. BOOM. old skool passport pics that i can slip into the wallet.
i wont tell him, so he'll find them by accident, hopefully when im not there.
what do you think???
i think everyone should try this. its so cute, especially if you're away from your loved one x
happy birthday G xx
(and no - he doesnt read this blog!)

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