Thursday, 24 January 2013

Yesterday brought very exciting news.
Exciting and very very scary.
My boy is taking me skiing. Me, who struggles to stay upright on terra firma, without heels or alchohol. In fact its been said many times that after a glass of wine i seem to be LESS clumsy, not more - as is often the case.
Cue much much panic regarding the following....
1.) going skiing with 5 people who were practically born on a pair of skis.
2.) being cold and having to tough it out for a week for fear of being told continually to 'man up'
3.) the pain that will surely be a constant prescence, since i get muscle burn the day after going bowling. Yes, bowling....not exactly an extreme sport is it?!?
4.) the chair lifts. dangerous no????

but has been somewhat mollified with the though of this......


apres ski - yum!

i am looking forward to it really. it just makes me wonder if i'll be able to manage to anything other than awful for an entire week. i dont know 4 of the other people going and i want to impress them. daft, i know but as i wont/cant impress anyone with my skiing, grace and elegance. i'm hell bent on looking great, starting with the flight, moving on to the dreaded morning 'sleep face' over that first cup of tea, through to great makeup while on the slopes that will STAY PUT and finally for evening dinner.
cue inspiration......

kate moss/bond girl! 

victoria beckham - cold no??

lady di - just gorgeous
does anyone have any tips??? make up tips especially. im guessing that suncream is my most important piece of kit because i dont want to end up with a face that looks like beef carpaccio on day 1.
please share if you do.
im in phase 1 of quite a deep panic!

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