Friday, 14 December 2012

cool cara

Cara delevigne is my favourite model of the moment and it seems im not alone. she's fronted campaign after campaign and walked in any show worth mentioning. She is also a laugh. which is more beautiful than any of her gorgeous photos. see below....'on cara' vs 'fun cara'. i actually think i prefer her goofy shots.
such willingness to poke fun at herself should be applauded - as should her attitude to the recent victorias secret catwalk show that she appeared in. after weeks and weeks of seeing images of supermodels sweating in the gym, and a few shots of bloodied knuckles after too much boxing training - all to prepare for the ultimate gig, did cara join in? did she detox? eat or drink NOTHING on the day of the show???? no. on her way to the show she stopped off for a macdonalds. cara, you're my hero and i salute you x

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