Wednesday, 24 October 2012

a mini project

so, as i work on my larger sketches that take so much time and require alot of concentration i sometimes need a smaller project on the go as well. it gives my eyes and brain a rest and also provides me with that awesome sense of completion....which i need. im very impatient and like things to happen immediately - my larger work does not give me this satisfaction nearly often enough!

heres what i got up to yesterday......

they are sketched onto pages of a very old copy of lady chatterleys lover. the book is completely falling apart and i thnk its better to use the pages rather than throw them away.
'B' is obviously for my name and 'G' is for the boy-shaped bit of gorgeousness that im lucky enough to have caught the attention of. i think these would look so cute on bedside tables - sort of a vintagey his and hers gift. they'd make an excellent 1st anniversay gift to represent paper.
im going to be playing with different fonts and sizes and frames because i think these will be one of the first additions to my shop/
please let me know what you think...? id love some feedback........

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