Wednesday, 12 September 2012

a very special new addition

baby eva joined us a couple of weeks ago after many many years of trying and wishing and hoping and praying. 2 rounds of IVF produced nothing but because she was wanted so so so much, and just when my lovely friends had all but given up hope, along she came, totally naturally and as if  she was just waiting for exactly the right time.
she is beautiful and healthy and her parents, my wonderfully patient, marvellous friends are the happiest people alive.
so welcome, baby eva. we are so happy to have you here x

i started her 'welcome' card with graphic pens and made large swirls and simple patterns with romantic colours. i have never been one to stick to blue for a boy and pink for a girl so all the colours went in there. then, i took my weapon of choice - the humble biro and doodled her welcome message.
mamma loves the card,and i have it on good authority that eva was very impressed too.

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