Tuesday, 28 August 2012

welcome to part deux.
i'm new.
i'm new to blogging. new to this stage of my life, new to starting again, new to feeling liberated, free and shit scared of the future.
i hope you'll enjoy keeping up with the new life of a single and unemployed 31 year old girl who is just trying to figure it all out and have as much fun as possible on the way.
(incidently, i find myself in this position by choice. if its broke - fix it immediately and figure out the details later on....)
so. here is where i will be commencing a new life. new ideas, new expriences, and hopefully find a way of harnessing all the creative energy that has been sat on for the last 6 corporate years. and. if i can make a bit of cash along the way then i'll raise my glass to that.....


for reading, for wondering??? and for hopefully checking in now and again.

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